opinions. 22/02/16

for me, this redo of the piece was a bit more challenging, because i had to step out of my comfort zone. Doing a piece about drugs, requires a lot of hard work, which included, teaching myself how to do proper, fleeky makeup! I did some research and i found out that people who usually do drugs, do it to numb the pain of something traumatic that has just happened. Because i am a teenager, I chose a breakup with a loved one, this could be interpreted as a boyfriend, a best friend, whatever you want. but that part remains unknown. Anyway, i chose to do this, because the people closest to you are the ones that hurt you the most, so this piece would be able to express  how people are driven into drugs, sort of.

A lot if things made me slightly queasy and i’ll tell you why. Number one, the choice of clothing was way, out of my dress choice, i think. Or at least I wouldn’t wear that out on a regular basis. However, i was supposed to look like i came back from a club, dancing my life away trying to forget about what just happened.

I also had to use the stay high song by Tove Lo, to do this piece, which meant i had to watch the video, which meant i had to watch the end (which i didn’t get to by the way), and try and understand the roots of this video. And i concluded that i would use the beginning part of the song, because it focuses on using drugs to numb out feelings.


  • green, low cut back (swimsuit fabric) top.
  • Black, high-waisted jeans
  • Black, suede, open toe heals.


focused more on the eyebrows than mascara , and eye liner


  • pillow
  • blanket
  • letters
  • fake tattoo
  • tisue box
  • rose
  • ‘alcoholic’ drink
  • drugs

i think this is it. I’ll be giving you the official update, when I’ve shot the piece. Wish me luck!

pray for me,

signing out,




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