Grotowski solo piece

Hey guys, I’m so sorry I’ve been missing in action for sometime. I was working on my directors notebook so I’ve been sort of out of the spotlight (she says, thinking she’s some famous actress)

But I’m back! and this time I’m studying Grotowski for my theorist-theory essay. (YIKES!!) anyway, i’ll just give you a hist of my life and why this will be a big challenge for me.

I’m an extra freak! like if we had a sunday, i’d want all the sprinkles the shop could offer, on top of my ice cream. That  kinda thing. So pretty hard not adding extra props, makeup, massive lights to my set.

However, i dont know if you guys have ever studied Grotowski’s poor theatre, but he’s practically the opposite of that. This is going to be so challenging!! I’m crying just thinking about it.

Okay, so in studying his practices and what he thinks about poor theatre (which is the theory I’m studying) , I was supposed to combine a lot of his exercises together to help me practice for my BIG solo piece. So thats what I did and i’ll just give you the update for each exercise i tested out with my teacher.

Warm ups:

Rhythmically walking while the arms and hands rotate.

Running on your tiptoes

Starting in a curled position (like a foetus) , take a short jumps forward, always land on your feet.

: Okay, so i did these exercises and in general, i felt like they were manageable and weren’t as hard as they could be. Unless i didn’t do them as well. I think i did though, so there’s nothing to worry about there, pfft. pfft.

Second set of exercises i did was to lose up my muscles and vertebral column.


Jumping like a Kangaroo

Lying on the floor, rolling from left to right.

: This is when things got bad! My goodness, i was exhausted from the warm ups and i had to jump like a Kangaroo! man, man. okay, and then there was the Handstand!

Okay so with the Handstand, i kept falling on the ground. It got so bad, i was scared i’d break my back so i moved over to the sports field. (Yaaay, grass), I still fell. But at least i lived!!

We did a lot of miming techniques( tug-of-war), which i guess I’ve already done so it was nice to do it again.

Lastly, we did some voice techniques: we made animal noises, sang the words “La-La” and walked around.

This class was not a joke! stressful cant even describe it.

I made it through though, i have another class tomorrow, wish me luck.





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