Who said i’m a failure?

If you guys could see my face right now!! you’d realise that I’m so happy!, I did it, I did it, I did it!!
The handstand I tried last week?!! it worked and i’m so ecstatic. oh my goodness, it was soo hard at the beginning cause i kept landing on my feet! but i did it, and now I’m like an acrobat (no I’m not)!

Aside from that, this weeks exercises were a bit better. Like, this time round,I actually didn’t try to catch my breath, as much, after rolling all over the floor.My student ( he’s actually my teacher, but don’t tell anyone that.)

And i guess, Grotowski’s exercises are working cause I’m actually becoming freer and my muscles are loser. Like last week, after the killer exercises, my body hurt like [insert word here]. But then this week, i feel no pain. Apart from my leg, i kinda hit it on the wall/door, whatever it was. Lol, but overall, the exercises were quiet good and i think i did a pretty good job, so snaps for me and I love you.

Signing out

  • Nubuke.

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