Two-day magic

For two days, my group and I have been searching for a stimuli and a drive to push our collaborative project further. We came across our stimuli the other day, now… we had to restart our collaborative piece because the last one we did, was rusty and without proper guidance from a theatre company.

So we found a broken tree, this tree was in the midst of 2 healthy colorful trees, but still looked strong enough to keep growing. I know, ironic right? Anyway, we decided, why not base our stimuli on this tree? Themes of isolation, distress, loneliness came up and we associated our collaborative piece with “a need for belonging”.

Once that was over, we searched for some companies, we would use as our study
EX-Machina, Sundown, Dell’arte Company were all companies we short listed because of their blend of physical theatre and mixed media.

By the end of our meeting, we concluded that the company we would choose for our study, would be Ex-Machina because that way, we could use elements of film and photography to define and express the desires of our piece.


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