Take 1

On Friday Evening Edem,Edwina and I (EEN) staged our first collaborative play.

The thing I like about this was that in three days, we were able stage that much and I mean, I’m just thinking about we will with more days.

The feedback I got from Mr Elikem  was that our play needs to be “more layered”, it needs more flesh… By that, I think he meant that we needed to complicate things a bit. For example, he commended us for the beginning  scene, where we (the group) were able to engage in a conversation and use a lot of physical theatre movement as a group. It was the miming, I know it 😏

But… He also said that as the play progressed, the rest of it was almost anti-climatic (not his words, lol. Mine.) But anti-climatic in the sense that our vocabulary deteriorated to about, grade 2 vocabulary, instead of grade 12… eh, so I see what he means.

But, our theatre company of study is Ex-Machina, so we are hoping that in the future we will add various media forms to our pieces, just like Ex-machina.

Actually, on of our plans was to add a dance, of rape and slight torture (not as bad as it sounds, Pg. viewable stuff) to the beginning to give an eery vibe to the play and then eventually progress into the happy state of jail.

I don’t know if you understand straight away, what I am saying but… stay close and as we move on, I’ll get into detail on what we are doing.

Below is Ex-Machina’s Biography and then also the link to their website, so you can discover if you want to study them in the future.

In 1994, when Robert Lepage asked his collaborators to help find a name for his new company, he had one condition: the word theatre could not be part of the name.

Ex Machina is thus a multidisciplinary company bringing together actors, writers, set designers, technicians, opera singers, puppeteers, computer graphic designers, video artists, contortionists and musicians.

Ex Machina’s creative team believes that the performing arts – dance, opera, music – should be mixed with recorded arts – filmmaking, video art and multimedia. That there must be meetings between scientists and playwrights, between set painters and architects, and between artists from Québec and the rest of the world.

New artistic forms will surely emerge from these gatherings. Ex Machina wants to rise to the challenge and become a laboratory, an incubator for a form of theatre that will reach and touch audiences from this new millennium.

Ex Machina: Creating for the Stage




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