Exercise Updaaaaatteeeee

Tangles & Knots 

The aim of  the ‘Tangles and Knots’ exercise was to have a group leader announce a set of instructions, that would leave the group in a state of disarray. This would eventually lead to the entanglement of the group members, as their hands inter-linked with each other, forming a human knot. After this, it was the aim of the group members, to try and escape this knot they had created for themselves. This gave me a deeper understanding of what Medieval Farce theatre was, in terms of the physical demands, challenging my physical theatre abilities. Moreover, the excessive contact with my colleagues, suggested that this theatre form was


human-knot2.jpg  This is similar to how my group looked like, at the end of my exercise.



I noticed that during this exercise, I was I able to take different opinions, merge them together and try and find a way to escape the knot (which could help me with putting my sources together) In addition, I was able to release a lot of bodily tension, allowing me to further enjoy this stress-free exercise.

My theory was that if I was relaxed during the exercise,  similar to Grotowski’s theory on the actor-spectator relationship my relaxation and calmness, would be reflected on the audience, prompting them to do the same in return (be calm).


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